High Quality Stickers

These high-quality vinyl stickers are made to celebrate July 4 Independence Day – America`s one of the most famous dates. The United States Flag and Declaration Of Independence are the symbols, many brave soldiers fought for, to protect one country composed of fifty separate and glorious states, each one proud of its own heritage and values but all together standing for liberty and freedom. Order now!

These stickers are made with precise quality and have exact sides ratio according to State Standards to a National Flag.

What You`ll Get

  • Two 2.5″x4.5″ high-quality vinyl stickers
  • Ready for all-weather applications (sun, rain, snow etc.)
  • All-surface ready: attach it to your truck, fridge, helmet or anywhere you want!
  • 10 fascinating facts about the Declaration of Independence leaflet
  • 9 ways to support veterans leaflet
  • Made in the USA